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Tucker Robbins

Although contemporary, Tucker Robbins' work is imbued with a certain timelessness; it’s been described as “modern primitivism.” Robbins’ grandmother lived in Europe and brought him there as a boy. What impressed him most about his visits was the connection she had with just about everyone she met. He learned the importance of relationships and, after contemplating his place in the world, sought an opportunity to be a bridge between ancient cultures and his own. Robbins feels that design is the universal language that is understood by everyone. He began by designing clothing and textiles using indigenous materials from Guatemala and was eventually able to transfer his knowledge and experience to objects and furnishings. He now incorporates traditions and aesthetics from Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia into his own designs. Often, other interior designers consult him for advice in matters of sizing, proportions, textures and colors. With artisan workshops in Guatemala, the Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Cameroon, Robbins works with people whose lives intersect closely with that of the forest, and he uses sustainably harvested or reclaimed materials. Over a dozen different types of wood are employed in his products, including kumbuk, mara, acacia, oak, tamarind, nadun, satinwood, pine, walnut and ash. His collection includes stools, tables, beds, nightstands, benches, chairs, desks, sideboards, chests and cabinets. A number of different surface treatments are available for his pieces. The company also offers various accents made of wood and metal.