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Nils Thorsson

As a ceramic designer for Royal Copenhagen, Nils Thorsson was recognized in the decorative arts field for both his varied themes and his mastery of mid-century modernism. Born in Sweden in 1898, Thorsson graduated from the Royal Danish Academy and was named the Artistic Director at Copenhagen's Aluminia faience factory in 1928. Under his tenure, the company bought Royal Copenhagen, which specialized in porcelain and merged the two brands. Thorsson remained at the artistic helm of the new company, while recruiting and managing a group of gifted Swedish designers. His home accessories and decor can be recognized by the discerning eye at a single glance: he showed great appreciation for different stylistic concepts, ranging from abstract to natural to geometric. Many showcased striking motifs and intricate relief techniques, with which he was especially associated. Among Nils Thorsson's noteworthy works are his Solberg, Marselis, Tenera and Baca collections for Royal Copenhagen. As a leading ceramicist, he developed many artisanal works, including decorative vases, trays, trinket boxes, earthenware mugs, and even nightstands. Attention to detail was evident in everything from the repetition of certain patterns to color choices, which included bright tones and earthy hues alike. Thorsson passed away in 1975, but his brilliant mid-century creations remain highly coveted today.