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Harvey Probber

Although he did not garner widespread recognition during his lifetime, Harvey Probber’s contributions to furniture design cannot be understated, and his pieces have continued to be popular. Harvey was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1922, and became interested in the design and manufacture of furniture during a part-time position at a furniture store while in high school. He never undertook formal training in design, but through independent studies became well-versed in the field, and was even able to vend many of his early designs to furniture companies. Around 1950, he established his own eponymous brand, which employed elegant yet modest silhouettes that were vitalized with exquisite finishes and details, such as striking hardware, flawless lacquer work, and luxurious upholstery. Despite the remarkable high quality of the brand’s pieces, it was Harvey’s invention of sectional seating – an innovation he has largely been credited with – that was arguably his most important contribution to furniture design. Though the brand shuttered in 1986, Harvey Probber furniture continues to be prized and sought after today.