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Charles Hollis Jones

Charles Hollis Jones is a classic American furniture designer and interior artist that has created upscale pieces for the stars. For many years, Charles Hollis Jones worked to promote and develop his company known as CHJ Design, which he founded when he was only 16 years old. The boy moved from Bloomington, Indiana to Los Angeles, California, where he started his career in interior design. His most notable materials that he used in his creations were acrylic and plastic. These two mediums were hardly seen in furniture production at this time. Despite this initial obstacle, Jones wowed many with his unique designs and interesting display choice. His work was soon featured in popular art showrooms like Hudson-Rissman. After this initial recognition, Jones soon found clientele amongst noteworthy starts like Frank Sinatra, Johnny Carson, and Lucille Ball. It was for Tennessee Williams, the famous American playwright, that Jones developed a special customized writing chair, now commonly recognized as the Wisteria Chair. Jones is also famous for designing an award-winning lamp known as the Edison Lamp, which involved the use of several original light bulbs from Thomas Edison himself. The success of Edison Lamp and Wisteria Chair set up CHJ Designs for a wild ride that it would continue to enjoy for many years to come.