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Woven Legends

Woven Legends has a mission: to reclaim the centuries-old tradition of making beautiful, hand-woven carpets. Why is this noteworthy? While no one would argue that the telephone, automobile and electric lights—all products of the Industrial Revolution—have brought immeasurable benefits to the world, many lament the fact that in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, age-old methods and techniques of skilled artisans and craftsmen were sacrificed on the altar of efficiency and mass production. Mechanization made possible the manufacture of carpets in large factories, and the emphasis was on the uniformity of color, size and design. Inexpensive, harsh-colored synthetic dyes and machine-processed yarns were used, with the end products being nothing more than cookie-cutter look-alikes with none of the subtlety and beauty that made a handwoven carpet an extremely valuable commodity in the pre-industrial world. Since 1982, Woven Legends, a Turkey-based carpet manufacturer, has been restoring those traditions. The company remains at the vanguard of the renaissance to produce high-quality, handmade carpets the way they were made before the Age of Steam. The firm has pioneered the use of natural vegetable dyes and reestablished the hand spinning of indigenous nomadic wools in Turkey and elsewhere. Additionally, Woven Legends empowers female artisans. The Syrian refugee women who make the carpets are able to express their creativity, meticulously hand-knotting each carpet as they skillfully meld traditional patterns with their own unique free-spirited aesthetic. The company produces rugs in many sizes, from a 2.25’ x 2.5’ area rug to a 3’ x 10’ runner to a large 13’ x 17.5’ rug. Woven Legends is proud to make “new carpets antique rug collectors love to own.”