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William H. Jackson Co.

Since 1827, William H. Jackson Co. has been an industry leader in the fireplace design industry. At the outset, founding brothers Nathan, William and Peter focused solely on hand-designing wrought iron grates and finishing them with imported brass ornaments. As the family-owned business grew, so did their product line. The range expanded to include ornate fireplace accessories such as wood holders, firesets, screens, andirons, seat fenders and mantels. During William H. Jackson's formative years, the brothers developed a keen eye for design and a reputation for elaborate and painstaking attention to detail. These early practices can be seen in the company’s surviving works, found today in many still-standing, historic 19th-century homes. Mantel style influences include the 18th-century neoclassical Adam Brothers and Georgian elements, the post-Revolutionary War Federal period, and later 19th-century French design. Modern creations from William H. Jackson Company are no less striking than the original pieces that cemented their place in the history of fireplace design. They honor their predecessors’ distinctive artisanship in the use of fine woods, metals, marble, limestone and glass. Those who appreciate luxury can find the perfect additions to their living spaces in the vast William H. Jackson Co. collection.