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Vanguard Furniture Company

The lasting legacy of Vanguard Furniture Company has thrived for decades in the custom-made furniture industry. When it started out as just two employees making one simple velvet chair, who knew that it would grow into the empire it has become today? Vanguard Furniture is a family company that, despite having grown to a size that allows it to have 600 employees, still holds its family values close to the center of their business model. Their three most important values are that they seek continuous improvement, are customer-centric, and are consciously driven. For continuous improvement, they stress the importance of keeping up with the latest fashion and style trends to create an ever modern sense about their pieces. For customer centric, they work steadfastly to deliver custom-requested quality furnishings on time and in an efficient manner. Finally, for conscious driven, they strive to run their company with respect, empathy, and dignity, and in return hope for a better world as a result. Vanguard Furniture Company is dedicated to growing and learning constantly, so that they can make the best custom-crafted furniture that lasts for years and truly satisfies their loyal customers. Thank you for your many great contributions to the furniture industry, Vanguard Furniture Company!