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In an industry rife with commonplace lighting solutions designed to do little more than add functional illumination, it takes ingenuity and boldness to stand out. And standing out is clearly the intent behind Tekna, a modern lighting brand that takes a dynamic approach to its design aesthetic. Founded by Belgian designer Erik Huysmans, Tekna aims to remain true to the most classic forms of lighting, yet strives to rejuvenate those form to appeal to a broad clientele. The result is a diverse collection of light fixtures that enhance the functional with stylish elements. Popular options include dramatic wall lights, sconces that range from traditional to contemporary, ceiling lamps, and pendant lighting. At the heart of Tekna's design is a certain purity. Each piece is meticulously crafted from natural materials and earth metals: cast iron, brass, bronze, copper -- new things inspired by age-old railway and maritime elements. This firm's diverse lineup includes options for both indoor and outdoor use, all of which exhibit a sense of grandeur and elegance. Clearly more than just average lighting designers, Tekna takes great pride in producing organically stylish, open-minded pieces that feel at once unpretentious and chic, studious but approachable, smart and authentic.