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Established in 1889 by Frederic Schumacher, Schumacher is the premier destination for all things textiles. First located at 22nd Street and Broadway in Manhattan, New York, the company is a fifth-generation business. It’s one of the only family-owned textile companies from the 19th century still operated by its direct descendants. In 1930, Pierre Pozier, nephew and heir of Frederic Schumacher, brought fashion designer Poiret into the company, requesting he create the first designer fabric collection. Poiret, inspired by current Cubist painters, developed simple Modernist shapes for the fabric collection. By 1939, the company was producing parachute material and fabric for life preservers among other items needed for war, and their New Jersey factory stayed open 24/7 to manufacture these. With the popularity of suburban living and the rise of the American housewife, Schumacher created a one-stop shop in 1944 called Waverly (now defunct) for “all three”: fabric, wallpaper, and carpeting. During the ’50s, Schumacher was highlighted by Bess Truman, who purchased fabric and wall coverings for a room in the White House. Schumacher moved its headquarters from 79 Madison Avenue to 875 Avenue of the Americas in 2015. The company, based in New York City, Newark, and Delaware, produces fabrics, wall coverings, trimmings, furnishings, and floor coverings under two brands: Schumacher & Patterson and Flynn & Martin. The business currently has 18 showrooms in several countries around the globe, sells to the interior design trade, and now is on Sotheby’s Home. Today, Schumacher specializes in oriental rugs, handmade rugs, and rugs tufted by hand; decorative fabrics and wall coverings; and luxury textiles for its furnishings of all kinds. Schumacher is the leader in home and interior accents, employing a network of salespeople and showrooms stationed around the globe.