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For those with their finger on the pulse of chandelier and crystal sconce design, Schonbek is a brand that needs no introduction, but offers a diverse selection of gorgeous designs that would make an excellent addition to any home. The world famous crystal company was established more than 140 years ago when a young glassmaker named Adolf Schonbek left his grandfather’s company in 1870. Schonbek dedicated his new business to manufacturing crystal chandeliers of the highest quality, which quickly earned the Schonbek brand an international reputation of design excellence. Remaining in the Schonbek family for generations, the Schonbek company revolutionized the lighting industry with timeless pieces that will look as good in your living room as they did in the Austrian courts they furnished more than a century ago. Schonbek’s glittering masterpieces have also appeared in luxurious hotels, casinos, five-star restaurants, movies, and other similarly prestigious settings. In 2007, Schonbek was acquired by Swarovski Group, ushering in a new era of excellence for the brand’s crystal designs. We are confident that the high quality of Schonbek designs will appeal to those with traditional and modern tastes alike. If you are interested in bringing a crystal chandelier or sconce into your home from one of the world’s premier crystal manufacturers, reach out to us today for more information about the Schonbek pieces we carry.