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In 1874, at just age 19, Georges-Édouard Piaget opened his first workshop in the bucolic town of La Côte-aux-Fées, Switzerland. His motto, “always do better than necessary,” was reflected in the fine watch components and precision movements he specialized in, and he was soon supplying these pieces to the most prestigious watchmakers in the country. His son, Timothée Piaget, expanded the scope of the business in the 1920s, creating luxury pocket watches and wristwatches ­– a trajectory of fine craftsmanship that would only accelerate exponentially with subsequent generations. The Piaget brand was officially established in 1943, and the comparatively humble workshop was replaced with a modern manufacturing facility, which was followed in 1959 by the opening of the first Salon Piaget in Geneva, where the brand’s first jewelry creations were made and introduced to the public. Piaget continues to adhere to its founder’s motto, and the brand’s oeuvre is marked by innovation (such as the ultra-thin 12P watch ­– then the thinnest in the world) and luxury (exemplified by the fully diamond-paved wristwatch, which has become a hallmark of Piaget). Notable figures, from Jackie Kennedy to Elizabeth Taylor, have collected Piaget pieces, and the creativity of the brand has attracted collaborations with leading artists such as Salvador Dalí. Currently, Piaget continues to be a pioneer in cutting-edge watch manufacturing, and a premier creator of dazzling jewelry – recognized for its timeless elegance and unparalleled quality.