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Phyllis Morris

Known as the “designer to the stars” and “the Marilyn Monroe of the furniture industry,” Phyllis Morris was a colorful and outspoken designer who had a large presence in the industry in the mid-20th century. Her design career started with her iconic poodle lamp, which she created in 1953. The lamp, modeled after her own poodle and topped with a flared shade, was a surprising success; within a few months, she was making dozens of them and delivering them in her pink Cadillac. Before the end of the decade, Morris had opened a showroom in Los Angeles and was designing her own furniture. In the 1960s she developed a loyal following among interior designers, befriended many Hollywood stars, and threw numerous legendary parties in her home. With a decorative style as big as her personality, Morris was well-known for her extravagant interiors and large, decorative beds. Over the years she drew on influences as varied as Spanish Colonial style, Mediterranean vernacular architecture, the Baroque era, and especially Pop Art. She designed opulent pieces for locations around Las Vegas, where her daring style fit perfectly. Gladys Knight, Allan Carr, Cher, Elton John, Barbara Streisand, Joan Crawford and Christina Aguilera were among her clients. Her designs have appeared in films and television shows, as well as music videos for Mariah Carey and P. Diddy. Morris passed away in 1988, but she is still remembered for her unique, larger-than-life personality and sense of style. The creative director of the company is now her daughter Jamie Adler, and its products include home décor, paint, rugs, home fragrance, lighting, wall coverings and more.