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Niermann Weeks

Niermann Weeks furniture founder Joe Niermann was not your typical furniture designer. He was not born into a family of artists, and he didn’t attend a school of art or design. Niermann began his career in the insurance industry, but he quickly realized that insurance was not his passion. Niermann’s passion, it became evident, was for art. He loved handmade sculpture, particularly porcelain and pottery. Niermann pursued this interest for several years by volunteering with restoration curators in 1971. In the decades since, Niermann Weeks has become a well known and respected name in the home furniture industry. Niermann Weeks is dedicated not only to connecting its customers with stunning furniture like modern pendant lights and delicate wire and glass side tables but also to using the business to better the lives of their employees and customers alike. Niermann Weeks is always on the lookout for new innovations in eco-friendly manufacturing, allowing them to constantly improve their manufacturing strategies, limit their impact on the natural world around them, and increase the quality of the materials used in furniture production. If you’re interested in exploring Niermann Weeks, reach out to us today to learn more.