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Murray's Iron Works

Murray’s Iron Works is a world famous blacksmith company that prides itself on creating magnificently welded and designed furnishings. They specialize in a variety of products, including lighting fixtures, custom furniture, and architectural designs. All of these contemporary creations are stunningly crafted from all sorts of materials, including bronze, aluminum, iron, and stainless steel. All hand made, Murray’s Iron Works pieces bring an air of delicacy, charm, and impressiveness wherever they are portrayed. The extensive production process is what makes each piece so unique and crafted for the individual. It begins with a custom order from a client which is based upon the extensive design catalogs Murray’s Iron Works provides. Once their selection is made, they can collaborate further with the designers until they are presented with a beautiful finished work that satisfies both creator and client. The intricate and timely process is what sets their level of excellence and quality, having been perfecting it for over 50 years. These extraordinary metal designs and their meticulous creation process can even be observed up close through a tour of Murray’s Iron Works workshop! If you’re more interested in just owning one piece instead, please feel free to peruse our stock page for more information.