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Modern interior design has been one of the most popular forms of art decor for decades. The movement found its early beginnings in the early 19th and late 20th century as an extension of the art deco movement. The movement and style of design flourished most and found large popularity in the 1950’s and 1960’s, which is also why you can expect to see the term interchangeable with “mid-century.” The style draws major themes from impressionist and abstract paintings as well, and fervently rebels against classical and traditional themes. One of the most important aspects of modern design is the use of form and malleability of shape. Common forms expressed in modern design include geometric ones, often clashing with rounded or smoothed curves. Traditionally used organic materials like wood are thrown to the curb in this movement, and instead, we see reflective metals like stainless steel take the forefront. Modern interior design is not synonymous with futuristic, but it does hold progression and innovation at its center. A perfect example of a glossy modern piece would be red molded plywood dining chairs by Charles and Ray Eames.