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Mimi London

Bring nature inside of your home with a stunning and environmentally conscious Mimi London piece. Mimi London, Inc. The Los Angeles based company has been thriving for over 40 years, and they have been able to provide a consistent product that reflects excellence and confidence that continues to leave their customers wowed and satisfied. Mimi London focuses on the natural look, like in their production of sheepskin textiles, walnut dining tables, and mushroom ottomans. These quirky pieces bring the outdoors in so that you can experience the serenity and peace of nature in your own living room. Every piece is organically designed and made, but always with the customer in mind. Mimi London even encourages unique ideas and custom requests! They are happy to work with you to create the nature-esque furnishing that you have been dreaming. Mimi London is also proud to display their works in their Los Angeles showroom, as well as in showrooms around the country. If you appreciate the organic furnishings that Mimi London, Inc. works tirelessly to create, then you are sure to welcome the thought of having your own Mimi London piece to liven up your home.