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Maxine Snider Inc.

Maxine Snider is the face of modern interior decor and design. She has brought ravishing pieces, all with modern twists, to spruce up homes across the country. Based in Chicago, her expertly trained team of artisans handcraft each piece of furniture before shipping it out to display rooms or clients. They are all highly skilled and motivated by Snider’s innovative design sketches that have covered all types of furnishings. Her company produces practically everything necessary for interior decor, including beds, cabinets, sofas, tables, chairs, desks, and consoles. An important part of Maxine Snider’s passion for design has been the aspect of creating for a specific customer in a specific space. This all-hands-on-deck challenge has encouraged her to explore her innermost thoughts on design, spatial configuration, and decor. While still offering modern pieces on a mass level with her sixty piece collection, she continues to enjoy this level of personalized design by continuing to create custom designs. When discussing the inspiration for her worldly modern look, she denotes Scandinavian designers, French modernists, Japanese simplicity, and the Shakers as all important design influences. Maxine Snider Inc. continues to create chic and modern furniture for the ever-changing consumer and innovative world of interior design.