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You know every detail of your home, which is why you are so selective about the furniture that goes in it. When you know something inside and out, it becomes simple to tell when something is working, or alternatively, when it’s out of place. Massoud furniture shares this feeling. The company prides itself in getting all of the details about its furniture right, even the ones that are so small most people might not notice them. Massoud has operated as a family-run business for more than 50 years, producing beautiful, quality furniture that has earned the company a reputation for excellence. The company produces traditional pieces of furniture-- dining room chairs, chaise sectional sofas, and convenient benches modeled after classic designs. But Massoud’s designs are still unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Why? They combine time-tested furniture designs with fun, modern details like exciting textiles, gilded details, and modern color palettes to keep their designs fresh. Additionally, the Massoud company believes in being responsible business owners. That means that you can rest assured that any Massoud product you purchase was crafted using ethical business practices and honest work.