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Though a relatively new brand, founded in Newport Beach in 2005, Lugano has come to be regarded as one of the most exceptional – and most exclusive – jewelry brands in the world. Unlike other leading jewelry brands, Lugano does not mass produce collections or seek to cater to a broad audience, but instead focuses on creating magnificent, one-of-a-kind pieces using only the absolute finest materials, from precious metals to rare and brilliant gems. Though Lugano has garnered a reputation as a premier source for extravagant statement pieces, the brand recognizes the desire of many for wearable jewelry rather than elaborate suites, and the more understated pieces carry the same design and material quality as their more opulent counterparts. Maintaining exacting standards in the production of the brand’s variable collections, each piece is the product of a designer’s unique artistic vision and master craftsmen’s inimitable skills. Unbeholden to any specific aesthetic or trend, the design of Lugano’s jewelry is only bounded by the imagination of its designers. From fanciful pearl brooches featuring tiny, jewel-encrusted ladybugs to blue titanium and sapphire earrings, as well as more classic designs such as pearl cocktail rings and diamond pendant necklaces, every piece, regardless of style, is the epitome of luxury and beauty.