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Lladro is a world-famous producer of fine ceramics. The company was started in 1953 by three brothers from Almassera, Spain. Many notable designers have collaborated with the brand; standouts from this past decade include Paul Smith and Gary Baseman. Lladro also partnered with Disney for the World of Disney figurine collection, which features beloved characters such as Bambi and Mickey Mouse. In addition to its iconic figurines, Lladro also produces lighting and home accessories for the current market. For the first three years following the company's start, the Lladro brothers made jugs and vases. In 1956, they expanded into the ceramic figurines for which the company is known. Throughout the years, Lladro figurines grew in popularity, which led to the establishment of a Collector’s Society in 1985. The first annual sculpture was called “Little Pals” and was only available to a select number of club members. This level of exclusivity caused the sculpture to be highly sought after in auctions, sometimes being sold for thousands of dollars. As the number of Lladro figurine collectors grew, so did the brand’s visibility. In 1988, The Lladro Museum and Gallery opened on 57th street in Manhattan. Throughout the 1990s, Lladro expanded its boutiques, adding locations in Tokyo, Madrid and Beverly Hills. The most recent Lladro boutique is on Madison Avenue in New York City.