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Living Divani

Living Divani is an Italian born and bred company that has wowed the design world with their dedication to family and contemporary art. The upholstery magicians have created top quality furnishings that lead its competitors in design and technique. Since their start in the 1970’s, Living Divani has provided its customers with the most important thing: luxury. They are putting forth the best pieces available to their clients, making sure that comfort, style and brand are at the forefront of these transactions. Living Divani offers custom designs that fall into the categories of armchairs, sofa beds, end tables, carpets, and more. One of the unique aspects of Living Divani is their desired fusion of the indoor and the outdoor. Hoping to inspire new lifestyles, the company creates outdoor furniture as well as indoor furniture that complement each other with references to nature, the world, and the environment. Their wish is to provide a seamless decor experience both indoors and out for their contemporary consumer. Their modern and exquisite work is wonderful to speak about, but it is even more enjoyable to own a piece for yourself.