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John Lyle Design

The John Lyle collection is one of eccentricism. John Lyle Design has wowed the interior design industry year after year, each time offering up more impressive lines of work than the last. For over 25 years, John Lyle has worked hard to inspire and encourage quality, innovation, and a certain level of risk in interior design. He is not one to contentedly blur into the backgrounds, but would much rather stand out, which is evident in his luxurious and demanding furnishings of artistic representation. John Lyle Design boasts the production of several interior and exterior furniture categories, including lighting, seating, tables, desks, accessories, fireplace additions, and outdoor furnishings. This large and inclusive list represents John Lyle’s impressive expertise in all things interior design, and he does it all with professionalism and a great care for his client’s needs. Some of John Lyle’s most enjoyable creations include handmade sculptures from impressive mediums like bronze, wood, steel, and parchment. Other John Lyle works that garner much attention from media and clients would include his complete interior collections. These are depictions of real projects he has worked on in the past that display his floor-to-ceiling eye for excellence and ability to truly bring together a room.