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John Boone

Although it may not be common knowledge to many, the famous interior design firm John Boone Inc., is actually the collaborative work of two inspirational and impressive designers, John Boone and Christopher Lockwood. Although they did not partner up until many years after they both entered the field of design, their original appreciation for design began at the same origin. Both John Boone and Christopher Lockwood were born and raised on small farms in the New York area, where they discovered the beauty of the hand-made item. They each individually developed this classical craft until diving into the interior design world to start their careers. Now prominent members of the industry, the two formed John Boone Inc. after a chance encounter on a train, where they discussed each other’s inspirations, ideologies, and goals. A spark was ignited in the two founders and they have since worked tirelessly to create the respectable foundation that John Boone Inc. now stands firmly on. The business partners now create collections that reflect their origins of handmade craftsmanship, a mix of American and European style, and a modern twist to tie it all off. Together, they have created an inspirational creative collaboration that continues to wow customers and the interior design world.