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Jeffrey Bigelow

Jeffrey Bigelow is a designer, based in Washington, DC, of late-20th-century acrylic furniture. Like early 20th-century furniture makers, he is a craftsman dedicated to understanding the nuances of his material. Using only the highest quality Lucite for crystal-clear results, Bigelow builds dining tables, end tables and consoles in a range of styles. His most famous tables include the Renwick and the Towers, both of which feature clear acrylic bases and glass tops. Though made with modern plastics, Bigelow’s designs have been described as classically beautiful thanks to traditional lines that include the curves of an ionic column or a sensuous petal of fleur de lis. Bigelow's attention to detail in creating the smoothest possible seams and attractive beveled edges revolutionized acrylic furniture design. He also experimented with clear polymers to manufacture thick blocks of acrylic that allowed for more substantial forms, such as the bases to his many pedestal tables. Each Jeffrey Bigelow piece is signed and dated, making them sought-after collector’s pieces as well as stunning focal points in modern and eclectic interiors. Bigelow’s work has been exhibited around the world, most notably in the Smithsonian’s Renwick Gallery.