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JD Staron

Owner and designer Jakub Staron puts artistry at the heart of his namesake rug company, JD Staron. Born out of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the company draws from the neighborhood’s rich heritage of craftsmanship to inform its designs and techniques. In the spirit of revival, JD Staron works with communities and villages in far-flung destinations like Nepal, collaborating with the most experienced weavers and employing the time-honored, ancient methods to produce luxurious area rugs. For the discerning designer and collector, JD Staron’s edgy, contemporary rugs, expertly reproduced antique carpets, Oriental rugs, Turkish rugs, kilim rugs, jute rugs, and Moroccan rugs all contain the finest natural materials like raw silk, mohair, and angora, and draw from the early traditions of rug making. These innovative weaves offer a sophisticated twist on classic styles, with a timeless sensibility and creative flair.