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Hélène Aumont Collection

There’s a sensibility to everything that comes from the house of Hélène Aumont. Her designs are at once dramatic and approachable, elegant and inspiring, chic and useful. It’s that smart balance that makes everything in the French designer’s range so appealing. The former model strives to create pieces that are aesthetically pleasing, but also functional in the home. Aumont's skill with interiors grew out of a chance encounter during her early days in the fashion industry, when a publisher requested that she redesign his Paris penthouse. The endeavor was a success, and Aumont, inspired by the beautiful architecture she saw in her world travels, continued to pursue interior design. Today, her eclectic range of furniture and home accessories reflect her subtle approach to opulence. She uses only the finest materials, including wood, leather, stone, glass and bronze, to craft everything from sleek dining room tables and plush accent chairs to earthy side tables and handsome storage cabinets. The beauty of Hélène Aumont’s work is in its deep versatility: some pieces draw on old-world elements, while others have clear minimalist and contemporary influences. Some concepts feel theatrical; others appear edgy and sleek. The diverse and refined approach to design highlighted in Hélène Aumont’s various collections has garnered editorial recognition in publications such as Architectural Digest and Vogue Living.