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When researching for the right style, design, and outdoor furniture company to fit your constantly evolving needs, Gloster wants its customers to know that their focus is on designing for what is most important-- you. Gloster knows that life is fast paced, complex, challenging, and sometimes overwhelming. In response to that, the company focuses on producing elegant pieces that meet consumers’ innate needs for space, relaxation, freedom, presence, and ultimately, pleasure. The passionate design company creates extravagant outdoor furnishings so that their clients can admire exquisite spaces just right outside the doors of their homes. The exteriors made by Gloster were originally inspired when the company’s founders traveled to West Africa, where they learned much about the sound and sophisticated wood designs that is the basis of their material production today. Gloster is proud of the resources they use to create their one-of-a-kind pieces, because all of the wood they use has been harvested themselves! Knowing this ensures to customer that any Gloster teak piece has been handmade originally from the teak trees planted by hand over 50 years ago. This transparent, sustainable, and environmentally proactive approach to outdoor furniture design is what sets Gloster apart from its competitors.