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French Heritage

Founded by a husband-and-wife duo in 1981, French Heritage is a furniture brand entirely true to its name. Jacques Wayser was inspired primarily by weekly jaunts with his parents to Parisian antique markets during his childhood. He soon realized his passion for antique furniture through their beauty and intricacy. He and his wife, Henessy, visualized a collection of heirlooms inspired by his earliest exposures to old-world European artisanship. They founded their brand in Los Angeles, CA and conspired to produce furniture influenced by his design know-how and her penchant for style. Their first collection, Richelieu, was launched in 1984 and signified a shift in the industry. Pieces were crafted using superior woodworking elements, like mortise and tenon joints and rustic pegs in lieu of standard nails. Many were given a weathered finish to replicate the plethora of antiques that motivated the couple to develop the line. The Waysers even operated a 10,000-square-foot storefront on vibrant La Brea Avenue in downtown LA during the 1980s. More traditional collections followed, each tied in some way to the past using state-of-the-art techniques. Intricate carving work and beautiful woods set the tone for many of the brand’s most classic, time-honored pieces, including coffee tables, dining chairs, sofas, dressers, end tables and so much more. Also in the mix of home furniture is a wide range of contemporary pieces that take a more progressive approach to design. Geometric shapes, sleek metals and plush fabrics add modernity to the collection and speak to the Waysers’ appreciation for innovation and integrity.