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Flexform is a vibrant and traditional furniture company that started out very small and has since grown dramatically and internationally. Its origins began in a tiny town of Northern Italy, where the worldwide phenomenon of “Made in Italy” was born. Great Italian practicers of design worked in these regions where they mastered the craftsmanship of wood, metal, and upholstery. The Galimberti family learned from this region and its rich skilled workers until they opened up their own small store in 1959, where they displayed beautiful armchairs and decadent sofas, which eventually made their way into high scale homes of the upper-class elite in villas off of Lake Como. From there, the family transformed itself into an industrialized company known as Flexform, where they collaborated with famous architects and designs to create a new stage of growth. By the 1970’s, Flexform began to emerge as a furniture company that transcended international borders with original and contemporary looks while still maintaining their original Italian craftsmanship. Check our stock page today to see what pieces we have in store for you.