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Edward Fields

Edward Fields Carpet Makers is recognized for elevating the design of carpeting and rugs to an art form. The American company began in 1935 when its founder, Edward Fields, opened an ordinary rug showroom in New York. From these humble roots, Fields went on to revolutionize the floor coverings industry by coining the phrase “area rug” and designing what he called “art for the floor.” Fields went on to collaborate with many of the 20th century’s top designers, including Raymond Loewy, Mies Van der Rohe, Phillip Johnson, Van Day Truex and Marion Dorn. Their products have been featured in notable landmarks, including the governor’s mansion in Connecticut, Phillip Johnson’s Glass House and, for nearly 50 years, the White House. Edward Fields rugs are rich and captivating and take inspiration from nature and abstract art; they are celebrated as being some of the most prolific and luxurious design trends in history. Vines crawl, brown and ochre blocks collide and stars shimmer on their woven canvases. Edward Fields is not known for one style, but rather for the sumptuous, timeless designs and expert handiwork that its studio has maintained for more than 80 years.