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Dixie Furniture

Dixie Furniture, located in Lexington, NC, was founded in 1901 and manufactured bedroom furniture and suites for over 100 years until the historic plant closed in 2003. In its century of operation, Dixie earned a reputation for outstanding quality and innovative construction that made it a household name, particularly in the South. Dixie Furniture initially produced bedroom furniture, including beds and dressers, made from solid walnut that was kiln-dried on site. In 1940, Dixie Furniture Vice President Henry Talmadge Link visited Detroit and was inspired to bring mass production techniques back to his furniture company. Link revolutionized the furniture industry by making Dixie Furniture the first plant to install a conveyor belt, a success that earned him a spot in the American Home Furnishings Hall of Fame. Streamlined production allowed Dixie Furniture to provide moderately priced, high-quality furniture to the growing middle class of the post-war years. Dixie Furniture continued to produce bedroom furniture in traditional styles, including four-post beds inspired by neo-Colonial design. Mid-century modern suites were also popular, as were dressers and nightstands designed to look like campaign chests, complete with brass corners. Dixie dressers, headboards, desks and chests are all easily recognizable to collectors as each item is stamped or branded with the Dixie logo inside a drawer or on the back of the piece.