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Dessin Fournir

Dessin Fournir is an interior design company that has committed its business to creating the perfect design resource for its customer. Dessin Fournir makes this clear distinction between being offering a specific design look versus a specific design resource. As a design resource, it is not limited to one vision or style that may not resonate with every potential customer. Instead, the company dedicates its mission to being a high-quality design workshop with unparalleled craftsmanship and sophisticated techniques that ensure beautiful furniture matching with the tastes of the consumer. Dessin Fournir offers an array lavish furnishings to its customers, including textiles, lighting, wall coverings, leather, trims, accessories, drapery hardware, and of course, elegant furniture. The company prides itself on its hand crafted techniques and attention to minute details that one would likely find on a beautiful antique. This dedication and elevated standard for quality is what results in the finest interior design pieces. Check out their finished hardwood side tables, refined vermillion armchairs, and plush villarreal sofas.