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DESIGNLUSH is a proud producer and creator of the finest furnishings around. The popular brand originally started out as an open showroom to display and share over-the-top pieces, architectural anomalies, and avant-garde creations. This collaboration of well-equipped artists promoting their works at the DESIGNLUSH showroom encouraged the transformation into the fashionable company that we adore today. The company offers many prominent interior design services, ranging from full scale projects like commercial and residential conversions, to tiny intricate details like handcrafted fine furniture, and ending with their notable contemporary upholsteries. DESIGNLUSH strives to be innovative at all times, but not without the basic understanding of uniformity. Almost every DESIGNLUSH piece is available to be customized for the asking client in a reflection of varying environments and homes. They want the customers to feel that their DESIGNLUSH furnishing not only stands out, but also brings an entire room together. The company’s team of promising designers and decorators collaborate daily with each other and with their customers to create a satisfaction that is unparalleled. To explore some of their most recent compete renovations, check out their projects in Las Vegas, Manhattan, South Beach, and the Hamptons.