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Deakin & Francis

One of the oldest and most revered British jewelry brands, Deakin & Francis is a heritage accessories brand known for quality craftsmanship and inimitable design. Founded in 1786 in Birmingham by Benjamin Woolfield, and still based in the same building today as it was 230 years ago, Deakin & Francis is a seventh-generation, family-owned business which is currently helmed by Henry and James Deakin. Both certified gemologists, and in possession of centuries of passed-down knowledge, the brand continues to produce jewelry and accessories of the highest quality. Deakin & Francis first specialized in cufflinks, signet rings and other gentlemen’s accessories – which were highly regarded by English gentry – as well as bespoke ladies’ jewelry, which has been expanded to include full ranges of ready-to-wear pieces that are esteemed for their traditional aesthetics and easy wear. Since its founding, however, exquisite cufflinks have come to be the greatest hallmark of the brand, for which they have gained a particular renown and eminent reputation. Offering hundreds of styles, Deakin & Francis has cufflinks that appeal to any taste or aesthetic, as well as of any preferred type, such as bullet or whale back, chain style or ball return. Highly skilled artisans using the finest materials ensures that even the simplest cufflinks are of the best quality; however, they truly excel in the creation of fabulously designed cufflinks, such as those that are bejeweled, hand-painted or intricately enameled. A pair of Deakin & Francis cufflinks is truly the premier accessory of any man’s collection.