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Colombo Mobili USA

A passion for furniture and decoration for home has passed through six generations at Colombo Mobili, a brand born from a family of furniture makers in Meda, Italy. The region is knowned for its tradition of woodworking, and it is from this history and heritage that the company draws its ethos and inspiration. Colombo Mobili blends classic European-style furnishings with their expertise in crafting wood. In 1980, Colombo U.S.A. was formed, bringing the company’s line of classic furniture to the States. The steadfast belief in the lasting power and beauty of traditional furniture informs the designs, whether it’s a regal bed frame, office chairs, or an entryway table. Each piece showcases the brand’s skills and artistry, from ornamental inlays on end tables and accent chairs finished with gilt flourishes, to mirrors with complex carvings, making each piece absolutely unique and special.