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Christopher Guy

Christopher Guy Harrison, born in Britain in 1960, and raised in Spain and France, is the founder and head designer of his namesake firm, Christopher Guy. His designs began with a collection of unique, decorative mirrors, and grew to include upholstery, chairs, dining room tables, sofas, accent chairs, headboards, and office furniture, including desks, credenzas, and more. In 1993, he formed the company Harrison & Gil, and in 2005, the company expanded its offerings to include a complete lifestyle and luxury furniture collection and relaunched under the name Christopher Guy. The designs have plenty of drama and metallic accents that add glamour to a space. He is known for his signature, patented Chris-X (kris-kross) leg design, which was inspired by Scarlett O’Hara’s tiny waist in Gone With the Wind and a ballerina crossing her legs. Christopher draws on his globe-trotting experiences to create international designs with a genuine world view. In 1999, Christopher built a one million square foot workshop complex in Java, Indonesia to accommodate the 1,400 craftsmen who create his furniture. In 2009, he opened his U.S. flagship store, located in Beverly Hills, complete with his latest collection of furniture and plasma screen TVs for interactive viewing. Christopher Guy won the British Interior Design Association Award for Outstanding Design in 2004; the 2011 Design Icon Award from The World Market Center Las Vegas and Las Vegas Design Center; and he was awarded an honorary doctorate from Otis College of Art and Design. He has also designed the interiors of hotels, buildings throughout the globe, and movie sets, including, The Devil Wears Prada, Stardust, and Ocean’s Thirteen, among others. Christopher Guy continues to make any room special with his own brand of effortlessly elegant and cutting-edge design, bringing interiors to the forefront of style and innovation. Today, he travels around the world, mostly between London, Los Angeles, and Java, and is headquartered in London. He is a legend who is celebrated the world over.