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The brand Bulgari is known for its vivid, enigmatic pieces highlighted with brilliant, precious stones of varying colors. Often styled as the Latin “Bvlgari,” it was the brainchild of Greek silversmith Sotirio Bulgari, who fled his native Greece amid the nation’s ongoing strife with Turkey. Upon arrival in Rome in 1884, he opened his first silverware shop before expanding to other cities, including Naples and Bellagio. At the encouragement of his sons and business partners, Giorgio and Costantino, Bulgari narrowed his company’s focus to fine jewelry. During these formative years, the collections were created with French-inspired designs, such as hints of Art Deco influence coupled with geometric stylings. It was only during the 1940s that the brand’s creations shifted to the rich, gilded Italian style for which it is so renowned. As Bulgari grew in prominence, it increased its presence throughout Europe and in the United States. This invited a new generation of followers, and in subsequent years the label continued to launch new, exciting and elegant jewels made with only the finest materials, including porcelain, steel and even silk. These pieces were loved for their unorthodox appearances and classic appeal. Today it continues to be a favorite of discerning clientele who appreciate the unparalleled luxury of sophisticated necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets.