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Now celebrating 100 years of family business, Buccellati specializes in high jewelry, including bridal jewelry, fine watches and even intricately detailed iPhone cases. Founded in 1919 by Mario Buccellati, with a small shop near the La Scala opera house, the Buccellati brand endures through the family’s third and fourth generations, who continue the handmade jewelry tradition. Elegant and understated, Buccellati’s designs are renowned for their “incomparable workmanship,” says Daniela Mascetti, chairwoman of Sotheby’s jewelry operations in Europe in a New York Times article celebrating the jeweler’s 100th anniversary. Mario Buccellati is known as the Prince of Gold Smiths. Today, the company’s jewelry designs incorporate delicate, textured gold and classic style for those who eschew ostentatious modern designs. Buccellati’s collection of diamond and gemstone engagement rings reflects the best of the world’s diamonds and striking designs brides will wear with pride. Each creation comes with a story that reflects a couple’s love, giving added gravity to the choice of the perfect ring. Buccellati’s line of fine watches also reflects understated elegance. Even those that incorporate gemstones, like the Duchessa, emphasize classic patterns and refined beauty. From designs that share the quality and style of vintage watches to modern cuff styles, a Buccellati watch is a declaration that the wearer appreciates quality and precision.