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Beauvais is a premier United Stands brand dedicated to providing customers with the most exquisite and proper carpets available. Beauvais Carpets was founded in 1990 by David Amini, an intelligent and talented designer who recognized the opportunity in the tapestry and carpet market-- the market was missing a gallery of exceptional decoration as well as a dedication to objects of historical significance. And thus, Beauvais was born, an extravagant carpet and tapestry company that creates historically and artistically significant period carpets through its woven contemporary designs. The brand prides itself on creating exemplary antique and custom carpets for all. Beauvais has an extensive gallery of antique European and Oriental carpets and tapestries. These decorative pieces can bring a room to life, and the quality is just as exceptional as the styling. The staff is committed to ensuring only the finest materials and fibers are used in the creation of the custom rugs. The carpets are created with the design community’s needs in mind, which is why the selection is so vast. Whether the carpets be custom or broadloom, they are available and exceptional.