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Barovier & Toso

Barovier & Toso is an Italian company known for its highly skilled glass-making artistry, particularly in luxury Venetian glass. The Barovier family is the most acclaimed and historic family of glassmakers in Murano, with businesses being established continuously since 1295. They have thus long been leaders in the craft. The Toso family similarly has centuries of glass expertise to its name, and in 1936 the two historic clans joined to form Barovier & Toso. They are recognized for their luxury lighting forms, including chandeliers, suspension lighting, wall sconces, table lamps, floor lamps, pendant lighting, hanging lanterns, vases, frames, mirrors, centerpieces, wall art, and accent pieces. Their work reflects a sophisticated, mid-century modern look, often with delicate lines and intricate artistry. Modern pieces from the brand have a more streamlined, sleek feel, yet retain that same elegance. Attention to detail and focus on quality are traits that have long been synonymous with the Barovier & Toso names, making their pieces highly coveted. The brand is known for its high quality, innovation, and creativity. One of the most famous Barovier & Toso pieces is the Taif Chandelier, a specialty fixture commissioned for the palace of the King of Saudi Arabia in Taif, which shows a distinctive blend of Venetian and Arabian styling.