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Armando Rho

At the heart of every Armando Rho design is a deep appreciation for tradition. Founded in 1929 by cabinetmaker Carlo Rho, this luxury Italian furniture company is based in Mariano Comense, near Lake Como and north of Milan. Carlo Rho's original specialty was wooden chairs. His son, Armando, sought to expand the family business, developing a wider range of home furnishings. Each piece is handmade and imaginative, and all take inspiration from the more ornamental historical styles, among them Rococo, Empire and Louis XIV. The Rho firm's classical interpretations are flawless, and elements such as bronze accents, gold-leaf, inlay, intricate paint detail and powerful carvings are unmistakable signatures of their work. Armando Rho is interested in using only the highest quality materials: sleek glass, sumptuous textiles and specialty woods from trees such as pear, maple, walnut and tulip that are meticulously polished, waxed and varnished. Elaborate ornamentation sets the furniture apart. Gilded dining room chairs feature intricate seat carvings; storage cabinets are etched with regal artwork; dramatic sofas and matching accent chairs are outfitted in eye-catching silks; and tufted headboards stand as immaculate, shapely structures. Rho's complete range includes bedroom sets, home office furniture and living and dining room furniture sets.