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New in Vintage Home Finds

If a you consider yourself to be a true connoisseur of all things design, then you will be no stranger to vintage interior decor. If you do not consider yourself to be one of these, then you can surely still appreciate the romantic appeal that motivates vintage design. Vintage interior design can include many different style elements, but it is always recognizable as one of the most elegant forms of design. The term vintage is reflective of the movements draw to all things classic, as well as all things old fashioned. The vintage color palette is one of neutral tones and hues, like cream, white, beige, grey, and rose. The furniture from this style is either old, distressed, or artificially aged, to yet again bring about the theme of being old fashioned.The romance is found in the classical beauty of each furnished piece in comparison with the organic materials used, like aged wood painted white. This elegant style of decor takes pride in old aesthetics, specifically with ones that carry a sense of prestige and formality about them. One marker commonly used to assist in determining how old “old” is, so that it can still be considered stylish, is that the piece be from between 30 and 60 years old.