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New in Antique Home Finds

When you are on the hunt for that perfect accessory or furnishing to elevate your home into an upscale and decorative interior design haven, it may be difficult to articulate or picture exactly what it is that you are looking for. You may have heard of the term “antique”, and possibly have seen it thrown around here and there in the description section on many furniture information plaques. Don’t be overwhelmed, because although “antique” can cover anything from the Neoclassicism period to the Minimalist period, all antique style arts are exponentially beautiful and stunning. To start, there are many antique periods, two of which we just referenced, so when dubbing an item to be an antique, it is important to also have the period of design as well as the time frame with which that design was made. This is important to distinguish furnishings created throughout the various antique movement eras. This broad category of design usually centers around the ideal beauty of art that focuses on craftsmanship, historicism, and an overall resistance to modern design and their corresponding movements.