Michael Herold has designed residences for a range of notable clients, including Wall Street executives, the nation’s best neurosurgeons as well as one of the top supermodels, Joan Smalls.Shop his personally consigned pieces now on Sotheby’s Home.

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How do you see people’s homes or relationships to their homes in light of the current pandemic?
The comforts of home are so important during these trying times. I have received several emails from past clients thanking me for creating homes that have made their quarantine more enjoyable. More than ever, our homes have become havens, and people are paying more attention to how they can make their homes more comfortable.

How do you combine disparate eras and styles so they feel cohesive?
I love mixing eras and styles. To make a space cohesive, I recommend a monochromatic color palette to unify all the pieces in the room.

Photo by Michael Van Didden

When do you consider a completed project a success?
Design is very personal. A successful project is one that captures the client’s personality and how they live on a daily basis.

What is the most common design mistake you see?
Really good design develops over time. Don’t rush. Take your time curating pieces both new and old to create a space that is truly unique.

Can you tell us a bit about the pieces you are consigning with Sotheby’s Home?
Every room needs at least one statement piece. This curated collection offers an eclectic mix of fabulous finds that will instantly add personality to any space.

Please highlight five pieces you are consigning, and tell us a bit about the stories behind them, where you got them and what makes them special.

Three-Legged Lounge Chairs—I adore the sculptural quality of these Memphis-style lounge chairs. They act as functional works of art.

Carved Fauteuil—I recovered this Louis XVI-style chair in a modern diagonal stripe fabric. I love the graphic quality of the fabric contrasting against the traditional carved chair frame.

DeSede Sofa—This iconic sofa is one of my favorite pieces in the collection. Its unique design makes it a conversation piece. It is quite comfortable.

Swivel Lounge Chair—This chair offers a more modern take on wicker in the form of a barrel swivel chair.

Mounted Spiral—An interesting tabletop accessory, especially when displayed in a more traditional space, as I did in my 2018 Kips Bay Show House entry.

What do you think about Sotheby’s Home?
Sotheby’s Home is a great resource for both new and vintage home furnishings. There really is something for everyone, no matter your style or budget.

What was your very first design purchase in life, and what was your last design purchase?
One of my first design purchases was a Philippe Starck Louis Ghost chair. I paired it with a neoclassical desk I purchased as a teenager at an estate sale. My latest design purchase was a set of Gustavian chairs from Lee Radziwill’s estate. They currently reside in my living room.

Photo by Michael Van Didden

Tell us about the one that got away (when it comes to design purchase).
Recently, I stumbled upon a large French plaster chandelier at a flea market. I didn’t have cash with me and told the vendor I had to run to the ATM and would be right back. When I returned with the cash, sadly the vendor had left for the day. C’est la vie!

Tell us about a few of your prized possessions: what is your heirloom or something you love the most at home?
I started collecting at a very early age. I cherish a collection of antique trophies my mother gifted me when I was a child for my birthday.

I purchased a pair of Louis XV-style commodes, once owned by the legendary Joan Rivers. The one handle constantly falls off. I often wonder, did this also happen to Joan?

I own a pair of giltwood chairs from Lee Radziwill’s NYC apartment. I often wonder who may have sat in them.

What was your favorite room in your home, growing up?
Growing up, my favorite room was our living room. As a child, I always had fun scheming up new designs and furniture arrangements. It is where my love for design began.

If you were a room, what kind of a room would you be?
I would be a living room. I love to entertain, and my living room is the gathering space in my home when hosting friends and family.

Please share who you follow on Instagram for inspiration.
Habitually Chic, Heather Clawson.

Who is your (living) design crush, and why?
My mother. She encouraged my creativity as a child, and continues to inspire me today.

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