The Nathalie Karg Gallery on New York City’s Lower East Side features a carefully curated, eclectic collection of contemporary art from young to mid-career artists. Nathalie Karg founded the gallery in 2014 in Noho and moved to the Lower East Side on Grand Street a year later. Situated near Chinatown and the Bowery, as well as other museums and galleries, a trip to the gallery can form the centerpiece of a delightful afternoon in lower Manhattan.

Focusing on the unsung heroes of the art world and lesser-known artists, the gallery hosts seven exhibitions each year and also displays the work of nearly 30 artists year-round. Primary artists include Peter BarrickmanSeth CameronJessica Craig-MartinJane DicksonJim DrainJoe FyfeDorian GaudinHeidi HahnPaul HoskingForrest KirkRannva KunoyJesse MockrinWayne NganAmir NikravanNathlie ProvostyGamaliel Rodriguez and Elsa Sahal.

Rannva Kunoy, VUCA (2) (2019)
Pigments and acrylic on linen

The gallery features seven exhibitions a year plus one historical exhibition. As with its regular exhibitions, the historical show aims to focus on overlooked periods in art history, reminding art lovers of the charm in less popular works and unveiling hidden gems to appreciate.

From pottery inspired by nature to abstract paintings that fill an entire wall of the gallery, Nathalie Karg showcases art in a variety of mediums. Objects encourage people to stop and contemplate. Often, the art suggests a different form than what it is. For instance, Amir Nikravan’s Untitled (Centrifuge) tricks our expectations and complicates our perceptions. Some sculptures feel playful, evoking images of toys or optical illusion games. Others call to mind the human form, molded into abstract, flowing shapes.

Heidi Hahn, Folded Venus / Pomaded Sweater #3 (2020)
Oil on canvas

Most of the art feels organic as if the artists pulled a piece of nature into their studio and gave it form in other materials, including wood or clay. Some sculptures could easily scale up outdoor statues for the public. These fit well in modern homes, creating a breathtaking centerpiece for a mantel, coffee table, or shelving unit.

Featuring artists from New York City as well as worldwide, art in the gallery evokes a variety of time periods, cultures and geographic locations. If you’re looking for a piece that reflects your own cultural background or a favorite city, the Nathalie Karg gallery offers many options. Influenced by history, the artists capture their world views and emotions in paintings, sculptures and even found materials.

Elsa Sahal, Clownesses Duo (2019)
Glazed ceramic

New Yorker Joe Fyfe’s Il Pleut uses canvas, nylon, cotton, linen and acrylic to create a busy and colorful mixed media piece that calls to mind yellow cabs, Times Square and modern advertising. Paintings like Jane Dickson’s El Nino – Yellow Camper evoke a sense of nostalgia and a strong grounding in a certain place and time. Perfect for great rooms, hallways, bedrooms, or in-home art galleries, the wall hangings you’ll find at the Nathalie Karg Gallery fit a variety of home décor styles, from contemporary to mid-century modern.

A relatively new gallery, Nathalie Karg’s space offers art that excites the eye, stimulates the senses and sparks conversation. For the first time, shop gallery pieces from Nathalie Karg Gallery ready-to-buy online, exclusively through Sotheby’s Home.

Joe Fyfe, Il Pleut (2018)
Canvas, nylon, cotton, linen, acrylic

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