Founded in Berlin in 2002 by Johann König, the König Galerie, or Koenig Gallery, features more than 30 international emerging and established artists. Works from the gallery can also be viewed in New York’s Museum of Modern Art and at the Guggenheim Foundation. The gallery provides a biannual magazine showcasing the artists and their communities.

Art dealer and gallerist Johann König was only 21 when he launched the first gallery in Berlin. Perhaps even more noteworthy than his age is the fact that he’s nearly blind as a result of an accident at age 10. His thick glasses only correct his vision marginally. With 2% ability to see, medical professionals classify him as legally blind. Yet, his visual memory combined with his ability to see light and shadows gives him a unique perspective on beauty and enabled a distinguished career as an art dealer.

The König Galerie boasts three international locations, earning worldwide acclaim, with art collectors and investors worldwide seeking pieces from the carefully curated exhibitions. The original headquarters sits in the former St. Agnes Church in Berlin, representing a unique architectural aesthetic for an art gallery. Exhibitions fill the former chapel and nave.

In 2017, König London opened in a space previously occupied by a parking lot/parking garage in Marylebone, London. In November 2019, König Tokio (Koenig Tokyo) opened to bring German, Austrian and Swiss artists to Japan. With its international footprint, König Galerie focuses on an eclectic collection of modern, post-war and contemporary art from world-renowned and up-and-coming or mid-career creators that span the globe, from Germany to Australia. U.S.-based collectors seek these rare pieces to add international flavor to their homes.

Jeppe Hein, Continuity Breath 1 (2019)
Mineral pigment on canvas

Artists include names such as Koo Jeong A, Katharina Grosse, Justin Matherly, Daniel Turner, Kathryn Andrews, Jeppe Hein, Amalia Pica and many others, with 40+ artists represented in total spanning decades of art styles and dozens of formats. Seeking to spotlight younger generations of artists, the gallery’s exhibitions focus on mixed media styles that take an interdisciplinary approach to storytelling through the use of space, color and shapes. As a result, the collection fits perfectly in contemporary, mid-century modern and transitional homes seeking eye-catching displays to complement existing décor or create a focal point in a high-traffic room.

The eye-catching Flags 1, 2019 from Annette Kelm is an archival pigment print that virtually jumps off the page with stunning colors. One of the most important representatives of contemporary German photography, the Berlin-based artist has been showcased worldwide. Her highly collectible art can bring a living room, media room, or recreational space to life.

Jeppe Hein’s Continuity Breath 1 plays with light and color to create a fun canvas painting that is both geometric and organic, with each stroke of mineral pigment representing a single breath. Simply looking at the image evokes a sense of greater awareness of life and our connections to one another through the air we breathe.

Similarly thought-provoking, Robert Janitz’ The Nadir of Nihilism, created from oil, wax and flour on linen, invites an abstract journey through thought and time and is sure to inspire conversations from guests. Bright flowing lines on a stark red background create beauty in their simplicity. For the first time, shop gallery pieces from König Galerie ready-to-buy online, exclusively through Sotheby’s Home.

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