In 2016, something happened in Asbury Park, New Jersey, that the city hadn’t seen the likes of in 50 years. A new seaside resort, the Asbury Hotel, opened up.

Longtime residents of Asbury Park remember once upon a time when it was a bustling beach town on the famous Jersey Shore. However, after going through riots and social turbulence in the early 1970s, it lapsed into a decline that was to last over three decades.

Then, in the early 2000s, the seaside town began a slow rise from the ashes. A cultural, political and economic revival started to shape and gain momentum. When the luxurious Asbury Ocean Club opened its doors in 2019, many saw it as an exclamation point on the city’s long resuscitation. Asbury Park was back.

Visualizations and photography by Binyan and Lester Ali, for Handel Architects
A New Face in Town

Officially called the Asbury Ocean Club, Surfside Resort and Residences, the property with the 1101 Ocean Avenue address is comprised of both a 54-room boutique hotel and 130 luxury condos that start at $800,000 and go well into seven figures. The hotel occupies the entire fourth floor of the 17-story building, and the condos on the upper levels boast oceanfront balconies and floor-to-ceiling windows that provide sweeping vistas of the Atlantic. Other amenities include Miele kitchen appliances, custom kitchen cabinetry by Spazzi of Italy, bleached white oak engineered hardwood floors, engineered stone countertops and walk-in rain showers.

Visualizations and photography by Binyan and Lester Ali, for Handel Architects

The five-star property was designed by Anda Andrei and Handel Architects. It’s owned by iStar, which owns an impressive 35 acres of land in Asbury Park, including 70 percent of the shorefront. Andrei’s goal was to seamlessly merge the indoors with the outdoors, so she included a large terrace and pool that looks out over the ocean, a dune garden pavilion with a reflecting pool and an outdoor lounge. Referring to the style as “barefoot luxury,” she strove for a cozy atmosphere where the materials are elegant but not intimidating.

Photo by the Asbury Ocean Club
Focus on Furniture

Such a place of luxury, symbolizing the recovery of one of America’s most beloved spots on the eastern seaboard, deserves the very best when it comes to furniture and furnishings. That’s why the Asbury Ocean Resort has chosen to use furniture by JANUS et Cie.

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From left: Small Montpelier Lantern, Branch Stackable Chaise Lounge, Janus Flutter Umbrella Round 300 and Boxwood Two-Seat Sofa

Four more than four decades, JANUS et Cie has been making luxurious furniture and furnishings that focus on both style and sustainability. Chic designs are created in order to enhance indoor and outdoor spaces, and the eco-friendly materials can easily withstand outdoor conditions for years. Finding much of its inspiration in nature, pieces by JANUS et Cie integrate connection and balance for an overall feeling of harmony and well-being.

The company’s name is taken from the Roman god Janus, who had two faces – one looking forward and one looking behind. This emphasizes its overarching principle of design – honoring heritage, tradition and craft while also cultivating and honing talent and new perspectives for the future. JANUS et Cie is fully committed to whatever comes next, utilizing materials and engineering to support the needs of both individuals and organizations and to create chic spaces that foster connectivity with nature and an overall feeling of harmony and wellness.

Photo by the Asbury Ocean Club

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