The Van Doren Waxter Gallery represents the evolution in the partnership between John Van Doren and Dorsey Waxter who have worked together for 20 years. The duo founded the gallery in 2013, taking their 15 years of working relationship at Greenberg Van Doren with them. Elizabeth Sadeghi and Augusto Arbizo are also business partners in this venture.

In 2017, the gallery merged with 11R, formerly known as Eleven Rivington, which was its Lower East Side subsidiary. This gave the gallery two locations and full exhibition capabilities in both the Upper East Side and LES. This merger allowed the entirety of the Van Doren Waxter gallery to adopt 11R’s scope to raise international and upcoming artists such as Ishmael Randall Weeks and Caetano de Almedia.

Van Doren Waxter works exclusively with the James Brooks Foundation, the Richard Diebenkorn Foundation, the Harvey Quaytman Trust, the Alan Shields Estate, and the Hedda Sterne Foundation.

The overarching vision of Van Doren Waxter’s gallery has been to foster a narrative between cultures and generations. This gallery explores the role of contemporary art in the context of historical-artistic movements, prompting vital discussions about art’s value in finding new meanings in the human experience.

How does artistic excellence present itself in different eras and cultural contexts, and what elements do these people, who have lived in different eras and locations throughout history, compare? The Van Doren Gallery explores these questions and more with each noteworthy exhibit.

Volker Hüller, Large Bathers, 2019
About the Owners

Before Van Doren and Waxter became directors of their new gallery, they worked together for two decades prior at Greenberg Van Doren, which was well-known for being a top gallery for first-tier American abstract art for over 40 years. Van Doren Waxter is the continuation of Greenberg Van Doren’s vision, handling the estates of significant abstract artists like Al Held. In addition to this continuity, Van Doren Waxter also specializes in experimental contemporary art, thanks to its 11R location.

Dorsey Waxter began her art career at the Nancy Hoffman Gallery in 1974. It was here that Waxter began her long-standing professional relationship with artist Al Held, who had become a pivotal figure in her career. As she moved on to become executive director of Van Doren Waxter, she maintained strong relationships like these with prominent and rising artists. Amid this growth, she also served as the president of the Art Dealers Association of America (ADAA) in 2012.

Waxter recently wrote an opinion piece about the enduring relevance of galleries. In response to the question about the gallery’s role in the ever-changing landscape of art sales and exhibits in an interview, she responded:

“I think that galleries need to remain flexible, as the landscape is complex. By that, I mean thinking about and responding to different ways to be seen and heard. Also, galleries that work in partnership will have a stronger voice—for example, doing joint shows or creating events within their communities.”

Richard Diebenkorn, Untitled (CR no. 607), 1949-1955
Van Doren Waxter’s Vision

The gallery specializes in contemporary art and works from the post-war period. There is an emphasis on American Abstraction, which has brought in many American artists into the gallery’s roster.

Richard Diebenkorn, Sam Francis, and John McLaughlin are just a few of the artists that have contributed to this movement. The gallery also recognizes emerging and international artists like Jeronimo Elespe, Jackie Saccoccio, Judy Fiskin, Eva Lundsager, and Joe Goode. This scope has enabled the gallery to find raw talent in various stages of their careers.

During an interview, Waxter commented that it is one of her greatest joys to “see artists, younger and older, who have something similar in their working methods.”

Additionally, the gallery handles secondary market work specializing in the works of John Chamberlain, Helen Frankenthaler, Hans Hofmann, Ellsworth Kelly, Franz Kline, Roy Lichtenstein, Georgia O’Keeffe, Frank Stella, Wayne Thiebaud, and Anne Truitt, among others.

Van Doren Waxter also represents the estates of artists who have passed like James Brooks, Al Held, Richard Diebenkorn, Ed Ruscha, and Alan Shields, and is  a member of the ADAA and has participated in numerous art fairs like Art Basel Miami Beach, Frieze New York, and The Armory Show.

Jackie Saccoccio, Red Night, 2019
Notable Artists

The gallery nurtures partnerships with many talented individuals. Mark di Suvero has joined these ranks and enriches the gallery’s collection with his sculptures that are made of reclaimed industrial materials. His sculptures use scrap metal and other elements pulled from buildings that were demolished — artwork that is at once “green” but so much more under the surface. He takes inspiration from the Abstract Expressionist movement, particularly artists Jason Pollock and Franz Kline, expressing spontaneous feelings that connected to the subconscious mind. His works have been on display internationally and in prestigious galleries around the United States.

Eva Lundsager also enriches the gallery’s passion for abstract art. As an abstract landscape painter, she does not just depict the scene in front of her but paints the possibilities. This award-winning artist has also had her watercolor paintings displayed around the world, and she has received the Guggenheim Fellowship in the field of Fine Art. Her beautiful paintings carefully use varied stroke densities, patterns, and dreamy wisps of color, resulting in simply masterful final products that can offer different meanings and subjects to the viewer.

Online Offerings

You will find many eye-catching works here for sale directly from Van Doren Waxter’s personal collection. Selections are subject to change depending on the existing inventory and market demand. Please inquire if you see a work that you would like to take home to enrich your interior.

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