The Luhring Augustine Gallery was founded by co-owners Lawrence R. Luhring and Roland J. Augustine in 1985. Galerie Max Hetzler was also a short-term partner between the years 1989 and 1992 in Los Angeles and played a role in establishing the gallery. Since 1998, the gallery has made its main hub in New York City, with locations in Chelsea, Bushwick, and Tribeca. If you are looking for erudite, insightful works from well-established talent, then this gallery’s listings will offer much to feed your passion.

The gallery represents a roster of international artists spanning generations and presents both groundbreaking contemporary and rigorous historical exhibitions. Working closely with more than twenty-five artists and estates, the gallery’s dedicated team nurtures decades-long practices and cultivates meaningful relationships with institutions and collectors.

Luhring Augustine is a member of the ADAA (Art Dealers Association of America) and Roland Augustine himself has served as president of this association between 2006 and 2009.


Jeff Elrod, Save, 2006
About Luhring Augustine

As of 2020, this gallery celebrated its 35th anniversary. Each location in New York offers a different experience to guests. There is a flexible exhibition space that accommodates large projects, installations, and semi-permanent displays. Over the decades, the gallery’s artists have participated in prestigious exhibitions around the world like the Carnegie International and the Venice Biennial.

If there can be one word to describe the vision of Luhring Augustine, it is ‘meticulous’. The gallery’s exhibits are aspirational and dynamic, promoting thought-provoking contemporary art from celebrated talent like Marcel Duchamp and Donald Judd, who have paved the way to the gallery’s contemporary vision. Luhring Augustine Gallery also represents outstanding living artists like Charles Atlas, Lee Friedlander, Sanya Kantarovsky, Pipilotti Rist, Rachel Whiteread, Christopher Wool and many others. The estates of Lygia Clark and Jeremy Moon are also handled by the Luhring Augustine Gallery.

Josh Smith, Untitled, 2007
Prestigious Associations

The gallery is active on all fronts relevant to the art world, including the reselling of renowned works. Luhring Augustine has sold select works from the iconic artists Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock, Gerhard Richter and Sigmar Polke. The marks these artists have made in modern culture are undeniable.

Each figure has greatly influenced contemporary art and inspired countless artists in the following generations. For instance, Warhol’s deep exploration of American consumerism and the use of art to comment and reflect on the nuances of society echo into the works of today’s young artists. Even without any art education, the public can recognize his pop art, especially his unforgettable Marilyn Monroe Diptych.

Pablo Picasso is a household name, known even to individuals who are not familiar with art history. His abstract works have inspired painters, sculptors, printmakers, and ceramicists with his style that was highly experimental in his day. Picasso is known as the co-creator of cubism; his works vastly departed from the movements of realism and post-impressionism by rejecting the idea that art should imitate nature. The fragmented geometric forms and flat, two-dimensional images of his paintings did not always unite to an identifiable subject.

Being the curator of exceptional and historical works like that of Picasso is one of the many honors the Luhring Augustine Gallery has had over the years.

Larry Clark, Untitled, 1963
Stunning Exhibitions

In addition to handling historic pieces from some of the most famous artists in modern times, Luhring Augustine also hosts memorable contemporary exhibitions that stretch the definition of art.

In 1992, Janine Antoni’s Gnaw: Lard or Gnaw: Chocolate featured a 600 lb. chocolate cube and a 600 lb. lard cube that Antoni gnawed at herself. This unconventional use of her mouth as a tool to create art and generation of products provoked diverse reactions from the audience, bordering on shock, wonder, and curiosity. Antoni also creates stunning photographic prints that investigate social stereotypes and the influence culture has on these roles. In addition to this, Antoni investigates meaning through dance and writing on everyday media like museum pamphlets.

The gallery has also hosted many incredible shows during its operation. In 2019, they hosted LUMINA by Ristue Mishima, which displayed gorgeous glassworks with intricate, organic textures. Lumina, which is Latin for “lights”, was a fitting name for this exhibition as light passed through the glass sculptures and even bent through their curves and edges. At once visible and tangible, glass is also clear and gives way to other colors and images that surround it. This is another example of a visually stimulating and thought-provoking exhibit that Luhring Augustine curates with great passion.

Each show transforms the gallery space into a place where artists can command the area to communicate a message to their audience.

Online Offerings

In our store, you will find stunning pieces of artwork from Larry Clark and Jeff Elrod, with more selections to come.

Larry Clark, whose select works are for sale for a limited time online, specializes in controversial, unfiltered photographs of youth culture. These mainly black-and-white images explore the hidden and taboo sides of humanity. Jeff Elrod, another Luhring Augustine artist, makes “frictionless paintings” through a combination of digital and manual applications.

Throughout his collection, viewers experience the harmony that can exist between traditional and technological art, as well as the vast differences between their aesthetics. Blending two worlds that are both vital to the 21st century way of life, the images prompt the viewer to contemplate the strange symbiosis between humans and technology.

If any of these pieces interest you, please inquire. Listings are subject to change with the availability and demand for works.

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