In 1996, business partners Rachel Lehmann and David Maupin, the former director of Metro Pictures, founded Lehmann Maupin Gallery. Located in SoHo, Manhattan, the gallery represents a diverse range of contemporary artists and estates from around the world.

Since its inception, Lehmann Maupin has been instrumental in introducing international artists in new geographies. This mission has resulted in historic first exhibitions in New York, Hong Kong, and Seoul. Consequently, many excellent artists have been able to reach new audiences and grow to reach international acclaim.

The gallery’s focus is to showcase the works of international contemporary artists in all stages of their career— from emerging to established. Many artists achieved their first NYC solo exhibitions here, giving them a chance to make headway into the art world. This opportunity to raise up aspiring artists with great potential has been a critical part of Lehmann Maupin’s success. The long-term relationships by nurturing new artists to reach large-scale success contribute to the gallery’s impressive dossier of award-winning talent.

The gallery has featured artists Suling Wang, Anya Gallaccio, Japanese artist Mr., Kutlu? Ataman, Teresita Fernández, Do-Ho Suh, Tracey Emin, Anya Gallaccio, Shirazeh Houshiary, and many more. They come from all around the world to enrich the SoHo scene with their unique talents, stories, and perspectives.

Alex Prager, Speed Limit, 2019
About Lehmann Maupin

The gallery originated in a modest 3,500 square foot Chelsea storefront that consisted of plywood panels. Then, as the enterprise grew, Lehmann Maupin Gallery continued to move to bigger properties in the Chelsea neighborhood, with its current 8,500 square foot, 3-story space the largest upgrade from the original setup. They also expanded to purchase a second gallery on Chrystie Street in November 2007. The gallery then set its sights on establishing an international location. In 2013, Lehmann Maupin acquired 1,130 sq. ft of gallery space in the Pedder Building in Hong Kong.

Lehmann Maupin is well-known as a cultivator of the careers of international artists. The gallery supports artists that work across various disciplines. Due to Lehmann Maupin’s careful attention to detail, the talent nurtured here has flourished, creating a legacy of creativity and influence on modern culture and contemporary art.

The gallery’s close ties with Hong Kong and South Korea have connected it to many bright minds in the field. It has been a consistent platform for presenting international artists’ work, offering many of them their first solo exhibitions in New York City. This network of artists and the gallery have connected over the years has generated a thriving den of creativity and vision that has grown many careers to success.

Angel Otero, Window Seat, 2019
Prominent Artists

Lehmann Maupin has set the stage for many artists to thrive and make connections with significant figures in the industry. Ashley Bickerton, who was born in Barbados, is an American artist who makes unique baroque multimedia works that explore the nuances of contemporary life and society.

The modern viewer is faced with confronting and his dissonant juxtapositions of media from different eras, such as photographic prints, oil paint, and everyday objects. In a recent interview, Bickerton expressed that he is interested in being “totally untethered”. This freedom is evident in his work in which there are no rules when it comes to exploring the human experience across space and time. “I like things to be seven kinds of wrong. If they are seven kinds of wrong, sometimes the wrongs neutralize themselves.”

Gilbert and George are a collaborative UK-based artist duo that specializes in colorful photo collages, which the artists call “living sculptures”. These collages are mainly made of large photographs, and these images explore various aspects of humanity in deep and provocative ways.

These artists have earned their reputation and popularity through their decades of award-winning work and have become the inspiration of the following generation artists, including Damien Hirst and Tracy Emin. This is just one example of how the Lehmann Maupin Gallery has fostered a culture of artistic aspiration.

Gilbert & George, Shots, 2011
Much to Discover

Hernan Bas, a contemporary American painter based in Detroit, engages his audience with a robust collection of romantic work that embraces humor and other pivotal human emotions. Viewers will be enthralled with rich colors and titled perspectives that are neither realistic nor abstract.

“Paintings that I consider to be successful are always on the verge of falling apart. To me, that’s the fun of it—the imminent collapse, and also the challenge.” This includes paintings that posit the viewer in front of realistic subjects that are in dream-like colors that are just off a few hues to reflect absolute reality — with a twinge of irregularity to their shapes.

It would be impossible to speak about this gallery without mentioning the many outstanding artists from Asia, such as South Korea’s Lee Bul. Her sculptures and mixed media emit constant movement, a whisper of a fantastical future where organic elements and mechanical beauty fuse together. Harsh, sharp metallic edges, irregular bunched wires, and the soft curves of a monster’s hide stir the imagination of a world far beyond ours. Cyborg body parts and chandeliers that look like collages of machine parts beckon viewers to examine a futuristic possibility that evokes a cyberpunk mood.

Marilyn Minter, Last Sleepy Angel, 2017
Gallery Offerings

Select works from Lehmann Maupin artists are available for sale online. This makes works of many great artists accessible to take home without having to set foot into the gallery. Offerings will depend on availability, currently listing pieces from celebrated modern artists that range from oil paintings to mixed media.

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